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Breathe Easy Face Masks

breathe easy face masks

Hospitals are asking for donations of N-95 respirators (the CDC-recommended masks for healthcare professionals working with infectious patients). But these efforts aren’t enough to keep up with the demand for N-95 masks, so businesses and good samaritans are taking it upon themselves to sew masks for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers working on the front lines of the novel coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) have declared a public health emergency relating to COVID-19.


Although the Breathe Easy face masks are not the medical-grade we hope these will offer some protection for any of the frontline sector workers, vulnerable at-risk groups or anyone concerned for their family or friends. Will be in some way provide comfort and protection in casual use environment and for NHS staff, bus drivers, taxi drivers, supermarket works, delivery drivers and security guards, care home workers or carers in the community for personal use or simply for all who are working at the moment on the front-line to get to and from work. We are currently working with experts in the microbial fabric and materials field, to develop filter inserts for our face masks. These filter inserts will offer further comprehensive protection, we hope to be in a position to supply these very soon.



If you would like to help us to help more people please feel free to donate, 100% of which will go to producing more masks.