Breathe Easy Face Masks

Breathe Easy Face Masks

Our face masks are 100% 400-600 thread cotton and designed for continued use. Suitable for washing in any commercial setting regularly, this makes them a sustainable solution for any organisation requiring to protect staff and customers alike. Produced locally we are now scaling up our operations and can create a variety of quality face coverings and face masks in quantity ensuring quality across large batch production.

We believe moving away from single-use items in an appropriate setting is an important requirement in the medium to long term COVID-19 battle and will ensure medical grade equipment stocks continue to get to the medical setting required.

Our business is being supported by the professionals at MACI Innovations, who are helping us move quickly to a complete business solution to ensure we can meet the demands in a business-two-business setting and manage customer service and deliver quantity orders. We are also working very quickly with the academic community to bringing new products to the market. The potential to create face mask from innovative materials that can improve the protection offered, whilst using materials out with those in peak demand for medical-grade mask PPE will remain a focus for us.

Despite our new and rapidly developing relationships with the many businesses we have supplied with face masks, we will remain committed to the continued support of key workers, peripheral care organisations and vulnerable groups in society. Please help us to continue this initiative.


If you would like to help us to help more people please feel free to donate, 100% of which will go to producing more masks.

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