Lip Reading Face Masks

The lip-reading face mask is uniquely designed to provide access to personal protection for many disadvantaged groups in our society. Designed to allow full sight of the lips and mouth area these face masks will be standard cup is the result of continual face mask trial and design to get to where we are now. We have to date helped many charities and care sector organisations supporting the deaf, hard of hearing, lip-reading community, and many others providing early language development therapy, dementia care, and interpretation services. 

Our team are based in Edinburgh, with regional departments across the UK to ensure you get the service you need and will always have someone on hand to give you the best possible service and advice.

Made from a more structured and slightly heavier cotton to help hold the clear plastic panel firm in place to avoid slipping and unwanted movement. Soft and pliable yet ultra-thin the plastic is stitched in between the two-ply cotton. To compensate for the heavier material used on the outside a soft and forgiving liner ensures this is equally as comfortable to wear for users as our other face masks. The usage and settings where these face masks can help is hugely exciting and we are continually exploring new design options, material types and combinations. If you have any ideas on how this product can be improved or you think have thoughts, we would help other disadvantaged groups please get in touch.


If you would like to help us to help more people please feel free to donate, 100% of which will go to producing more masks.